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Our History

industrialwebapps.com (IWA) was formed in late 2010 to apply device agnostic web technologies in replacement of legacy architectures.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that web technologies have advanced to the point where we can we can build better data management applications than can be built in desktop applications.

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Our Motivation

We are passionate about understanding our clients pain points and addressing them with speed, excellence and elegant design.

What Makes Us Unique

We are using a new generation of services and technologies that permit rapid development, high quality, excellent performance and unparalleled user experiences.
They also result in applications that can scale to enormous sizes and a cost structure that was not possible before. (Learn more...)


Productivity and the Bottom Line

Searching for documents is a signifcant source of wasted time.

**Studies show that 15% of all paper handled in business is lost; 30% of all employeesí time is spent trying to find lost documents; 10% of salary is spent on ineffective searches

**Source from IDC Whitepaper

Duplication of efforts/Recreating documents/when originals cannot be found or no one knows they exist./Loss of Quality Control/version confusion/Not just low level employees are affected /59% of middle managers miss important information - it exists within the company but they cannot find it./Misplaced, inaccessible or outdated information can be costly./Regulatory Non Compliance/Safety Liabilities/Scope Creep/Escalating Maintenance/Critical Errors

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Introducing Our Applications.

We offer our software on a software-as-a-service basis (Saas).

This allows our clients to start using our applications with an absolute minimum of effort, commitment and cost. It also results in an economy-of-scale that translates to lower costs.


SHare & stORE

  • Document Management
  • Bulletin Board
  • QR Codes / Landing Pages
  • Document Content Search
  • Templated Documents


At Your Service.

We are anxious to know what your pain points are and explore ways that we can configure or extend our software to address those issues.

If you've got a data managment problem we would love to discuss it with you.

Business Analysis Experience

  • Industry and Engineering
  • Database and Solution Architecture
  • Web & Mobile Capabilities

Application Design

  • Intuitive, efficient Work-Flow
  • Focus on all major device platforms
  • Real-Time updates
  • Core focus on security

Application Hosting


The Magicians.

We started by "getting the right people on the bus"
(Jim Collins, Good to Great).
With this talent pool we believe we can do almost anything and look forward to helping with your challenges.

Katherine Walker

Katherine wants to talk to you. Her primary focus is marketing and business development. She also keeps us organized.

Dave Workman

Dave is our technical lead.

Barry Vosburg

VP of Engineering


industrialwebapps.com, Inc.
109 Durand Street
Suite 304
Sarnia, Ontario
Canada, N7T 5A1

We'd LOVE to help!

We like to build solutions and solve tough problems.